Can Head

A man with a mysterious medical condition which causes objects to easily stick to his face and head like a suction cup, has become somewhat of an internet sensation this week. Doctors are still unsure what is causing Jamie Keeton’s condition, and the internet has no idea what to make of it. Despite that fact, Keeton has found a unique way to profit off the meme-making wonder condition. What has resulted from the rare mix of medical obscurity, and party related endowment, is certainly entertaining to say the least.

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Keeton tells Inside Edition, “they believe the condition may be caused by having an abnormally high body temperature, causing his pores to act as suction for object surfaces. “There are two other people that have sort of had this they’re both in India. Doctors told me I’m the only case in the United States.”

Can Head Condition Keeton Medical Unusual Doctors Suction Cup

Image: Inside Edition

Along with being able to stick all types of objects to his head, he says he also has the ability to release them one at a time. Keeton says he used to be embarrassed by the condition, but has since tried to make the best of his ability. Taking up the stage name “Can Head,”  Keeton says he can make over $1000 per night by doing performances. Even companies have been clobbering for a piece of him, offering to pay a premium to get their products seen on the limited space available on his face.

Article/ Video: Inside Edition