A Man On The Verge Of Suicide Is Shown A Reason Worth Living

Strangers save man on verge of suicide

Image: Video Screenshot

A man found himself in utter despair, on an overpass in Richland County, South Carolina, contemplating suicide, as he spoke to his aunt.  He explained to her that his wife had left him for another man and had taken both his son and daughter with her.  Life was no longer worth living for, but thankfully, Lt. Albert McLendon was patrolling the area, when the call came in about the suicidal man.  Upon his arrival, he immediately ran over to him, grabbing him by the arm.  The 6′ tall man was wallowing in sorrow, screaming at the top of his lungs.  “I just knew at that point this guy needed to hear that someone cared about him – and it was me, of all people,” Lt. McLendon, recollected.  “I said, ‘Man, I love you, man. I’m not going to let you do this to yourself.’ ”

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David Goff, an investigator, also heard the call, so he too sprung into action.  He ran across the street, lifting up the distraught man to his feet and embracing him from behind, lifting him over the rail.  They comforted him the best way they knew how, until an ambulance arrived, but despite their efforts, the man insisted on not being transported to the hospital and threatening to jump out.  In order to sway his attention from his pain, Goff  replied, “I said, ‘Man up. Come on – you’ve got to take care of your kids.’ ”  The man asked Investigator Goff to accompany him to the hospital.  However, neither officer knows what became of the man.

Sometimes life can truly become overwhelming, to the point of desperation.  It’s always a blessing to have a loved one to comfort you through your distress, but what if at your moment of despair, there is no one to comfort you?  Thankfully, sometimes God sends human angels to our aid.  These 3 individuals were brought together for a purpose, that, God willing, will result in a beautiful thing!

Article: FresnoBee