In this beautiful short film, Becky Storey shares her journey to Christ through her passion for fitness. In the beginning she states that she wasn’t even looking for Christ when she found Him. She couldn’t believe how much her life had changed since she found Christ.

Like Becky, it is important that we choose activities that bring us closer to His joy. She takes the time alone to exercise and hear Him. She also feels His goodness through the elements around her.

As Becky learned, we cannot just expect God to speak to us so we need to make time for his goodness. We also need to slow down and allow Him to work in our lives. When we work and act in accordance with His love, miracles occur.

Becky elaborates the first time she went to Church,
“The biggest difference was the love they had…It’s, like, contagious.”

Being a true disciple of Jesus means to spread your love because He loves you unconditionally. 🙂

Source: Samuel Glazebrook