Bomb-Trainer-Blows-Up-ClassTerrorist Suicide Bomber Trainer Blows Up His Class In The Middle Of A Demonstration

A commander at a secluded terrorist training camp in Baghdad accidentally blew up his class of terrorist-to-be students. In a demonstration where he used a belt packed with explosives, he killed himself and 21 other members of the ISIS; reports The New York Times.

Iraq citizens have been accustomed to the daily attacks that occur in public markets, mosques, funerals and even children’s sporting events.

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So to hear that the terrorists are blowing up themselves, you would see how they view it as a small victory filled with dark humor.

One Iraqi man named Mr. Hashim points out the good out of this outcome:”Those 22 who were killed today might have killed hundreds of Iraqis, hundreds of innocent souls….”

Iraq is facing its worst violence in more than five years. Nearly 9,000 people killed last year and almost 1,000 people killed last month.

During this accident, 15 others were wounded. Police and army officials found explosives packed in at least 10 vehicles, ready for operations. Who knows how many countless lives this ‘accident’ saved.

Indeed, we need to turn to God now more than ever before. Let us pray that no more massacres take place, and that God brings about the end to wars and troublesome times. AMEN!

Article: New York Times