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Kelly Slater Pro Surfer Saves Family Baby Mother Child

Image: Fox Sports News

A Photographer named Chris Whitley, is crediting professional surfer, Kelly Slater, for being at the right place, at the right time, this week on Kamehameha Highway in Oahu, Hawaii. What began as an ordinary day for the pro surfer became the scene of a “freakishly big wave,” that knocked Whitley’s wife and child off their feet as the water swept over the road.

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Kelly Slater Saves Famliy Mother Baby Child Wave Swept Sea Surfer

Image: Instagram/ Chris Whitley


Whitley credits Slater with getting the two to safety saying, “(He) save(d) my wife and kid who were swept across a road by a freak wave” this week on Kamehameha Highway. Proudly thanking the surf star in an Instagram post saying, he and his family are “grateful.”

” Van (Son) was strapped into the pram (Stroller) and was swallowing water and sand —€” his ears and mouth ended up full of sand,” Whitey wrote. “So lucky Slater got to the pram and tipped it back up. Sarah is pretty bruised and scraped. … Could have ended so badly.”

Kelly responded to the message saying, “Thank you! I didn’t look at it that way but for some random reason I stopped there when I normally don’t and happened to be there,” he wrote. “Lifeguards were on it either way and had it handled. So glad all is well and we can (someday) laugh about it. Van’s first wave was a huge one! Definitely a WA baby!”

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Saves Photographers family Mother Baby Being Swept To Sea Wave

Image: Instagram/ Chris Whitley

Whitley continues by explaining that while others weren’t as lucky (like the guy in the picture) he says, was “sucked out to sea.” He’s just thankful that Slater, along with the lifeguards, were there for his family. “The family is doing okay considering the circumstance and thank you all for the well-wishes. “I’m so fortunate to have so many people that care for my families well-being. They’re a little shaken still, but doing great considering.”

Article: Fox Sports