Everyone Loves TACOS!

These unsuspecting burglars got more than they bargained for when they robbed the “Frijoles and Frescas” Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada, on Dec. 16, 2015. Owners of the establishment show off their sense of humor when they decided they would use the footage of the robbery for their own promotional advantage. What they created was a hilarious commercial featuring the security footage and one of the restaurant’s most popular menu items, TACOS!

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With the hopes that this video might help bring the duo to justice, they are reaching out to the public and asking for your help. If you recognize anyone in the video, they request that you contact – LVMPD Crime Stoppers with any information. In as far the precious tacos go, none were stolen in the course of this robbery.

Video: Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos