A Generous Heart

Last week a judge ruled that pop star, Ke$ha, would not be able to get out of her contract with producer, and alleged abuser, Dr. Luke. After the story broke, another pop star, Taylor Swift, has now come to her rescue pledging her support. Swift promised to donate $250,000 to the struggling artist in order to help her with her financial needs during her tough time.

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Taylor Swift Helps Donate Kesha 250,000 Show Support Struggling Abuse Court Ruling Contract

Image: Hollywood.com/ Taylor Swift

The move by Swift comes after getting called out by another artist, Demi Lovato, on social media for not joining in with other celebrities publicly expressing their support for the singer after the ruling. During an acceptance speech at the Grammy’s recently, Taylor expressed strong opinions about the way women in the music industry are treated. Lovato apparently didn’t think that Swift was being genuine or living up to her comments saying:

Demi Lovato Taylor Swift Kesha Tweet Women Empowerment Feminist Agenda Motivate Women

Image: Twitter/ Demi Lovato

“After news broke of Taylor’s $250,000 donation, Demi took to Twitter once again to air her thoughts.”

Demi Lovato Taylor Swift Kesha Tweet Women Empowerment Girls Music Industry Contract

Image: Twitter/ Demi Lovato

Article: Buzzfeed