What Should We Name Our Baby?

“RaceCar!” “Grandma!” “Tiny!” “Potato!” These are just a few of the adorable baby names that the children in this preschool class had suggested when posed the question: What Should She Name Her Baby?

For the 5-Months pregnant Pre-K teacher Julie Siakpere, from La Crosse Wisconson, asking her classroom what she should name her baby would prove to be a fun exercise. After all, children can be quite creative. So she taped a poster to the classroom wall and let the kids choose whether they thought it would be a boy or a girl along with some of their favorite baby names:

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Preschool Teacher Class Baby Names

Image: Imgur/Megpie_01

With all the weird celebrity children’s names out there like Blanket, North West, Apple and others maybe the kids are not so far off from reality than first thought. The post originally appeared on reddit and quickly went viral because of the pure adorableness of it all. Personally, I think “Peter Pan” may be going on my own top 5  If I ever have to make that decision.

Article: Hello Giggles