After Intense Prayer, Teacher Decides To Donate Her Kidney To Her Student

Image: Chris Burleton

Image: Chris Burleton

Natasha Fuller, an 8-year-old has been sick since birth from Oakfield, Wisconsin, has been living for the past 2 years with her grandparents so that she could have access to kidney dialysis.

Natasha was born with prune belly syndrome, which can cause urinary tract disease and a need for kidney dialysis.

The girl and her grandmother have been traveling to Milwaukee three times a week for kidney dialysis, but doctors say she is now in renal failure and if she doesn’t get a kidney transplant soon she will most likely die.

Jodi Schmidt, her first-grade teacher, bawled her eyes out when she heard Natasha’s story. They both bonded in such a way, that she decided to do something to save Natasha’s life.

“It truly just came to me after I did a lot of thinking and praying. I told my husband, Rich, I want to give a student one of my kidneys.”

Schmidt went through testings to confirm that she was a match for Natasha. After some intense praying to God for some guidance, she decided to go on with the procedure.

They called in Natasha’s grandmother into the school office and break the news to her in a special way.

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