Victory Update!

In a recent article, we reported the story of a teacher from Greene County High School, in Greensboro GA, who was caught by student iPad recordings, saying some very disturbing and disgusting things in the classroom. He told one visually impaired student, a girl named Shaniaya Hunter, that “in his 37 years, he had never met anyone as stupid as her.” He also told Hunter, “her only purpose in life would be to have sex and have babies.” In an interesting turn of events this week, and amidst a backlash of outrage and internet pressure on both the school and the district; we are happy to now report that the teacher has resigned from his position.

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Student Teacher Resigns After Firestorm Online IPad Recording Your Purpose Sex Babies

Image: Yahoo

Greene County School System Superintendent Chris Houston, told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, “He will not be returning to the classroom.” In submitting his resignation, he apologised to students and fellow staff members for his disruption, as well as any controversy it may have caused the school.

The student, Shaniaya, who has severe vision problems, began recording the lesson that day on her iPad to help her take notes. Her recording helped to expose the abuses going on in the classroom, and ultimately to the resignation of the 37-year-old teacher.

We applaud Shaniaya for her courage to speak out, because I don’t know what I would have done had this been my child.

Article: Yahoo News