Teen Snapchat’s Moments During Frightening Crash As It Happened

A man named Wentworth Maynard is suing teen Christal Mcgee, as well as the social media video app “Snapchat” after becoming the victim of a horrific accident that left him unable to work.  The teen girl was traveling over 100-miles-per-hour and using the apps “speed filter” when she was involved in the accident. Maynard who is a driver for Uber, says that the Mercedes that Mcgee was driving (belonging to her father) shot across 4 lanes of traffic and came to rest on an embankment. Maynard spent 5-weeks in ICU recovering from the accident.

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Teen Involved In Accident While Using Snapchat

Image: YahooNews

The teen allegedly told passengers who were worried about the speed of the vehicle, including one, a pregnant girl, that she was “just trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour to post it on Snapchat” while filming in selfie mode with the speed filter on.

A reenactment of the scene showed that her vehicle was traveling at around 107 mph when it went out of control. Because of the accident, Maynard is now completely dependent on a wheelchair or walker and is struggling with communication, memory loss, and depression.

A spokesperson for the chatting application said that while they could not comment on the lawsuit, the app has always included a warning that it should not be used while driving.

Article: Yahoo