Teenager Who Beat Cancer Was Gunned Down At Local Mall

Police reports say that a troubled 20-year-old, Arcan Cetin, walked into a Macy’s store in Burlington, Washington, and gunned down five innocent people.

Among the victim’s were a high-school student, devoted husband, makeup artist, and public servant and her mother. The motive of the shooting remains unknown.

One of the victims was Sarai Lara, 16, a sophomore at Mount Vernon High School. She was the first and youngest victim of the shooting. She was looking at clothing on a rack in the Macy’s when she was killed.

Lara was out with her family that Friday night with her mother, Evangelina Lara.

“It’s not fair what happened to her,” Evangelina said of her daughter, speaking through a translator Saturday evening in the family’s home, where at least a dozen friends and family members had gathered.

We are keeping the Lara family in our prayers tonight, no family should ever have to go through the pain of this.

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Video: Q13 News