It Looks Like Heroine And Cocaine But It’s not! People Are Turning To This Already-Known Drug And Overdosing!

A deadly white-powdered drug is making its way into the lives of underaged kids, U.S. lawmakers are trying to take them off the streets.

The deadly powder is pure caffeine powder. One teaspoon of pure caffeine is equal to around 28 cups of coffee. Anything above that can cause an accidental overdose. When someone overdoses on pure caffeine, they experience rapid or dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures, and death.

You can buy the powder in bulk bags over the internet, and it’s nearly impossible to measure out safe doses using everyday kitchen tools. Everyday volume measures are not precise enough to calculate how many milligrams are actually in the serving size.

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Although government officials are trying to come up with laws that will impede the substance being bought by minors. In a statement following the deaths of 2 minors, the FDA recommended that people avoid pure caffeine powder. And in 2015, the agency sent “warning letters” to five distributors of the powder.

Article: AOL | Video: CBS