Teen sisters describe terrifying moments as they hid in bathroom cabinet during burglary. Two girls, a 13-year-old and 16-year-old sisters were home alone when they heard someone trying to break in. They spotted two men dressed in black.

They thought quickly and ran to a bathroom were they crammed themselves into a cabinet and called 911.

“That’s when I thought he was going to open this cabinet and that something is going to happen,” the 16-year-old told WKRN.

The girls did not wish to be identified, however, the 16-year-old talked about their ordeal to Channel4, saying they relied on each other more than ever before.

“I saw him through this door and through this window right here. At this point, I immediately called 911 right here. And we were walking, I mean hurrying back through here.

“I couldn’t get this door shut. It doesn’t fit for some reason, so I couldn’t get it shut. So at first, I thought to go in these cabinets back here.

“At one point, they threw this door open and realized there was probably nothing in here.”

As the burglars walked around the home, the girls hid inside the tight-fitting cabinets. While there, they heard police arrive, but had to stay quiet when Murillo locked himself inside with them. He didn’t notice they were there. Nothing happened to the girls for God was watching over them.

The police arrived just in time and arrested the criminals.