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Brother Sister Dances Heart Heartbeat Birthday Celebration

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It really was the Quinceanera of a lifetime for Monique Salinas, of Benavides. Not only because it was her 15th birthday, but because of one special person that attended the event named Aubrey Reeves. 10-years-ago, Monique’s brother Mikey was killed in a car wreck, and during this special celebration, her and her family got to dance, laugh, and share a truly special moment with him one last time.

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For Aubrey Reeves of Wichita Falls Texas, doctors said finding a match for the heart transplant she needed, was as likely as winning the lottery. Her body had already rejected two hearts previously, and the likelihood of someone’s body accepting a third transplant attempt was very slim.

Brother Sister Hears Heartbeat Heart Dance Celebration

Image: 3 News

But by a form of miracle, Mikey’s heart matched Aubrey, and unbelievably- so did his kidney. 10 years later, Aubrey is still alive, and getting the chance to meet Mikey’s sister Monique and her family for the very first time was an extraordinary event all around.

At the Quincineara, Monique got the rare opportunity to hear her brother’s heart beat once again, as the two laughed, cried, and shared a very special dance together. Aubrey told reporters, “I will always be there for her because she didn’t get to have that with Mikey but she can have it with me.”

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