A Tragic End

During a cruise from Galveston Texas to Cozumel Mexico, a 33-year-old mother of 4 named Samantha Broberg, seemed to be enjoying a relaxing vacation. That all ended quite abruptly when Samantha climbed up to the 10th Deck railing of the boat, before falling backward into the gulf of Mexico. It wasn’t until long after the event occurred, that her friends even realized that Samantha had gone missing.

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Tragic End For Mother Of Four

Image: Facebook/ Samantha Broberg

Knowledge of what had happened seemed to hamper search and rescue efforts as search teams couldn’t begin their search until over 15-hours after she had been reported missing.

Mother disappears along gulf

Image: ABC News

Captain Mel Bouboulis with the USCG, said a person wearing a life-jacket, might have a window of about 120 hours- However according to the surveillance footage, Samantha, was not wearing a lifejacket. Search and rescue efforts for Samantha were called off after 3-days.

Let’s pray for the family she left behind.

Article: ijReview