A Man And His Monster Truck Saves The Day

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Man Rescues Elderly Woman Monster Truck Houston Texas Flooding Saved Balcony

Image: USA Today

While historic flooding continues to plague many parts of Texas, leaving Houston almost completely under water, one woman named Deborah Wright received a helping hand from a man with a monster tuck.  As the waters continued to rise from the Brazos River, Wright, found herself trapped on top of her second-floor balcony, until a knight in grimy tires was able to come and save the day. A neighbor named Cole Geeo, got behind the wheel of his 8-foot monster truck, braving the flooded streets, and ultimately getting Wright to safety.

The 35-year resident of Milsap Texas, told reporters, that this definately wasn’t the first time she has seen floods hit the area, but it was the first time she has ever been rescued by a Monster truck. “Well it just came up so quickly,” Wright explained about her getting stuck.

A co-worker named Dina Young Gray, said, “That’s just how Millsap is, we just look out for one another… If this didn’t work, we were going to get a boat.” Deborah can be seen in the video climbing down a ladder from the monster truck touching down on dry land.

Gray says of the incident,”That’s a redneck rescue I do believe.”

We certainly believe that it was.

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Article: USA Today