Image: Lifenews

Image: Lifenews

According to, a couple walked into an abortion facility with their 2 year old son. The woman was pregnant and had gone into the clinic with the intentions of having her baby aborted.  There was a a 40 Days for Life volunteer, a pro-life prayer campaign,  at the clinic that tried to convince the woman to not go through with the abortion.

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“I called out to them before they all went in,” the volunteer said. But the woman screamed back, “It’s not your body!”

This didn’t stop the volunteer, as she then went to speak to the father:

“I told him that a woman wants a man who will rescue and take care of his woman and children,” she said.

The man responded:  “What can I do? It’s her body.”

The volunteer quickly responded: “Go in and get her!”

The man quickly sent his girlfriend a text, asking her not to go through with the procedure.

When the woman came out of the building, all three got into their vehicle and left the clinic. It was reported that she had not gone through with the procedure.

The volunteer added, “We must continue to pray for them.”

Article: LifeNews