My heart is so heavy since I read yet another article about teen dating gone wrong. I don’t know anything about this girl’s family, her values or her faith but what I do know is that this is happening everywhere. The teen dating crisis is an equal opportunity destroyer and we need to step up as a church and face the problem head on.

What makes me so sad is when I speak parents who are convinced they have it all figured out…until they don’t. The 14-year-old daughter that leads a small group at church on Sundays with a hangover. Or the 16-year-old boy that talks to his friends about his sex addiction that he can’t seem to control even though he know it is not God’s will. Then the teen dating disaster is invading homes like the plague when often (not always) it could have been prevented.

Why are we so blind to believe that our parenting influence (or in some cases, control) is the secret sauce to raising kids with healthy habits? Just because they have a rock solid faith does not mean they do not need an education about the dangers of this world and how to steer clear of them.

Every day I try to balance the Christian viewpoint with practical application to create opportunities for kids to have the “Aha! moment” that will keep them from making a bad decision. It takes more than a village now. It takes time, education, observation, practice and a ton of energy to keep our kids safe.

Teen dating in the Christian community is real and can be risky whether we believe it or not. By ignoring the problem, we are stealing our kid’s chance of staying out of danger. Do not let the label of “Christian” fool your child into becoming a victim of the teen dating crisis. Education is key.

Love Quote: “If you can learn to drive safely, you can learn to date safely.”

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