Their House Was Ransacked By Christmas Thieves, You Won’t Believe This Family’s Reaction!

When Alexandra and Andre Mahjouri walked into their house after a night out, they walked into a surprise that no one ever wants to get.

The family had just moved into their new home and were excited to have their first Christmas in their new home. The thieves came in like a wrecking ball, and stole every valuable thing the family owned. Jewelry, Christmas presents, and even their four-year-old’s piggy bank was stolen.

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How did the family respond? It is easy for someone to quickly express their anger and stress and lash out at anything around them. But Alexandra had a different plan, she sat down and wrote the thieves a letter.

Finding it in your heart to learn to forgive someone for having done such a dirty and unforgivable thing to you isn’t easy. The family’s letter to the thieves serves as an inspiration for every one of us.

“I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking our televisions, it means we’ve talked more as a family. Thank you for making me realize all the materialistic items you took aren’t worth my tears as we as a family are safe and unharmed and that’s the most important thing. Things could of ended a whole lot worse.”

“Thank you for making me realize how much of an amazing support network we have around us of people who have rang, messaged us, and come round to help and to comfort us. Thank you for making me see the real importance of [Christmas], spending time with loved ones and the whole imagination Christmas brings to children.”

Image: Alexandra Patricia Mahjouri

Image: Alexandra Patricia Mahjouri

To not expose her son to the scary parts of this world, Alexandra told her son that a mischievous elf was behind the mess in his room and the missing things.

“Knowing that grown adults stole a 4 year old boys money box that he has saved every penny he’s been given over the years in makes me hope you’ve put that money to really good use….

There was ONE thing she really wanted back:

“Some of the jewelry you took belonged to my dad who passed away 6 years ago … I hope whatever you manage to sell it all for brings you and your family some sense of happiness, my dad liked to make people smile and would give anything to anyone. However one particular item, a silver tiffany necklace has my name on so is probably no good to you, this was the last present my dad ever brought for me … If you could find anything at all in your heart and wanted to post it back to me you know where I live and I really would greatly appreciate it.”

The family’s reaction to such crimes are truly inspiring. They have not only grown stronger as a family, but they have showed the world how strong a family unit can be if you just stick together and move on forward as a family.

Image: Alexandra Patricia Mahjouri

Image: Alexandra Patricia Mahjouri

“I realized this would actually make us stronger as a family. There are people a lot worse off than us and I just wanted to try and find some good in it somehow.”

To whoever burgled our house,I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking our televisions, it means we’ve…

Posted by Alexandra Patricia Mahjouri on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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