Stinking Suspicion

When thieves saw a tour bus roll into the town of Laverton Australia, late one night, they must have thought they had struck a gold mine, in gas. They secretly snuck over to the twelve-wheeled bus with a Syphoning tube and began sucking. Undoubtedly imagining all of the cool things they may now be able to afford through their newest heist they made one rather stupid mistake. Instead of syphoning their part of the premium petrol they pictured, the suspects made off with a rather stinky share of unprocessed raw sewage from the tour buses waste tank.

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Tour Bus Thieves Steal Raw Sewage Syphoning Gas Tank

Image: Tour Bus

Senior Sergent Soutar has assured the victims in this case, that the thieves have failed in their attempt to get away with what they were hoping to steal. He tells Yahoo News AU that,  “we can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

Gas Syphoning, generally requires a participant to stick a tube into a gas or water tank. After sucking with enough force, you can get the liquid to flow up and out of the tube, into a nearby container. In this case, the suspects would have had to do the same thing, yet, it is still unknown how much of the substance they were actually able to make off with.

Sen. Sgt Soutar said that while suspects were still at large, Laverton Police Officers “have absolutely zero interest” in tracking down the stolen sewage. Cops on the case are shrewdly confident, that there will be no repeat incidents of the charade.

Article: Yahoo News AU