Unexpected labor can be incredibly overwhelming, not matter how prepared you try to be. Luckily for Stephanie Stonis and her husband Mark, they had time to react. Stephanies water broke right in the middle of their kitchen, so the clock was winding down. Husband Mark rushed to get their other two girls ready, and then it was the race against time to get mom to he hospital. But while driving along the interstate on the way to the hospital, Stephanie began to go into labor right in the car! Mark Had to pull over and deliver the baby right then and there.

“I really did not want to pull over. I did not want her to have that baby on the road in the car, on the side of the road,” Mark told WAVY.com. “I wanted to be in the comfort of a hospital, the professionals dealing with what they do best.”The couple then called the emergency dispatchers, but it was what Mark did with his shoe that has people talking!