The ONLY reason I’m sharing this video is to make one thing clear. This man does not represent the word of God. Jesus NEVER wished anyone to die and go to hell because they sinned. He came and died specifically to for our sin.

When the apostle Paul went to the Greek city of Corinth he preached to people from all kinds of sinful backgrounds, and many of them embraced faith in Jesus. In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Paul mentions fornicators (unmarried people having sex with each other), adulterers, idolaters, homosexuals and “effeminate” men—that is, men who dressed as women to engage in prostitution. Yet Paul says these people were set free from these sinful lifestyles after they believed in Christ.

Paul did not promote tolerance or acceptance of gender confusion; instead he offered the hope of healing. Isn’t that a better expression of love?

Christ could have brought down hell fire to those who nailed him on the cross, he could have destroyed all those who persecuted him, but he didn’t. In the end Bruce will be judged and for this Pastor to “damn him to hell” is going away from the word of God.

The Godfruits take-away: Our lives should be walking billboards attesting to the grace, mercy, and unconditional love of our Father.

We are the ones assuming it’s our job to judge the world. Our job is to emulate our Father. Our God.

If we have a problem with the new Bruce Jenner, let’s just get over it and walk in unconditional love. Put away the stones. Pull back the pointing finger. Cast off the judgmental glances.

The Bible says to let our light so shine before men. Well, a light doesn’t make any noise. It just shines bright. Even brighter when it’s dark.