Run For Your Life

One father from Arcata California, named Johnny Kell, 36, captured one of the cutest reactions from his son Liam after showing him a hermit crab for the first time. While visiting a touch and feel tank at Humboldt State University Marine Lab, the father showed his son what he thought was just a shell, until it started moving. The surprised child gawked, screamed, and then ran for his life in what has to be the most adorable video you will see all day.

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Kell explained, “[Liam’s] usually pretty open to lots of new little creatures and stuff and he thought it was just an empty shell,” he said. “I started to see him act differently, so I took out my camera and said, ‘This is weird, something funny is about to happen. [Liam] already loves watching the video…he laughs hysterically,” Kell said.

“This is going to be a nice family treat for years to come.”

Article: Yahoo News
Video: Johnny Kell