When you’ve been dating someone for awhile, a guys starts wondering how they’re going to ask their girlfriend’s father permission to marry her.  But what happens if her father isn’t around?  What happens if her father, who you’ve grown close to, passed away the year before?

Tyler Shelton had to ponder these exact questions when he was preparing to ask his girlfriend Haylee Rose to marry him.  The result is a touching video that involves all of her siblings, and a letter to the man who raised the love of his life.

“I want to be the man who shows her love and patience, and give her everything she needs.”

This is a rare moment where a marriage proposal also doubles as a tribute to her father.  You can tell that Tyler has a great relationship with her family and will make a wonderful husband.

“I’ll tell her exactly how beautiful she is, and I’ll show her how to believe in herself.”

Congratulations to Tyler and Haylee!  And a BIG thank you for sharing this precious moment with the world!

Source:  TribeTyler