Three Of A Kind

Kaylan Mahomes has issued a challenge to the internet, after snapping a selfie that included herself, her twin sister, and her mother. She want’s to know if you can guess who is who, but you have been warned, the task may not be as easy as you think.

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Mom Daughter Twins Share Selfie Guess Which Picture Image

Image: Twitter Kaylan Mahomes

The Image, which shows the 3 ladies in the car and a caption that says “Mom, twin & me.” The post by Kaylan goes on to ask, “Can you guess who is who?”

People all over the internet have taken the challenge seriously, getting into heated debates on social media. They’ve been considering the probability of  “who may be taking the image? Would the mother sit in the back of the car? Why is only one of the smiling?

Twitter noticed eventually that the question seemed to be less philosophical than first thought, and in fact the answer had been staring everyone in the face the entire time, literally. The caption of the post subtly revealing the clues from left to right…Mom, Sis, and Me.

The three seem to be having fun with all the attention, a follow-up post from Kaylan they switched it up, and ask people “Have you figured out who the mom is yet?”

Family Looks Like Twins Post Picture Twitter Guess Who Mom Family

Image: Twitter/ Kaylan Mahomes

It’s always great to see a tight-knit family, especially these days, and yes Kaylan we get it, you are all very beautiful ladies.

Article: Mashable