Keep An Eye On Your Medicine Cabinet, If Taken Together These Common Medications Can Be Lethal!

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from various illnesses, and sometimes, medications are prescribed in order to slow the progression of a disease or to simply have it become manageable. Over 1 million Americans are on two drugs that when combined, can be life threatening. Be sure to never mix your medications without prior doctor approval.

This Business Insider video shows the dangers of the interaction between paroxetine, a common antidepressant, and pravastatin, a cholesterol-lowering medication. The study was performed by researchers at Harvard, Stanford, and Vanderbilt Universities, and it indicates that there are no dangers if taken separately, but when taken in combination can lead to a rise in glucose levels that may result in diabetes, or if you are already diabetic, can be life-threatening.

Doctors sometimes prescribe more than 1 medication, depending on the ailments and the needs of our bodies; so in order to assure yourself that an absolute contraindication is avoided, through human error, always ask both your physician and pharmacist if your combined medications are safe from danger.

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Video: Business Insider