These Twin Girls Celebrate Their Second Birthdays As A Milestone!

Two twin girls from Manitoba, Canada, are celebrating their second birthdays today! What makes them so special, however? Well, Zoey and Zane Espayos beat a rare medical ailment that would have most certainly taken their lives before they could even be born.

(Image: CBC News)

(CBC News)

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When mother Reina was 27 weeks pregnant, her babies went into heart failure. They were immediately diagnosed with alpha thalassemia – a medical disorder that prevents blood from carrying oxygen throughout the body due to lack of haemoglobin being produced.

“The normal thing that would happen is that the babies would pass in utero and they would be born a still birth,” said hematologist and pediatric oncologist Dr. Geoff Cuvelier.

With permission from doctors, Cuvelier performed blood transfusions for both girls, which meant that they would be the first twins to ever receive bone marrow transplants. Fortunately, after a few complications, the transplants were a success, and Cuvelier declared both girls as officially cured!

Both girls are expected to live healthy and normal lives now. “It’s absolutely wonderful,” Cuvelier said. “They’re wonderful little kids and they’re developing just perfectly and it’s very gratifying as a physician.”

Happy birthday, Zoey and Zane!

Article: CBC News