God Is Still In Control

On a Facebook post this week by Tyler Perry, he reminds fans and encourages his followers that God still works. His message to fans was not to give up, and that he has the answer to your prayers.

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According to the post, God sent confirmation that he was listening to Perry as he gave thanks for his year in the form of a rainbow. He tells fans that he is praying for them and that through prayer God will bring provide them the purpose in life they’ve been dreaming of.

In the post, he showed a picture of the rainbow he saw from his balcony which was jetting out over a tropical scene of clear calm ocean in front of a garden of palm trees.

He Wrote:

On New Year’s Day, I had just finished praying and thanking God for all that He had done for me over all these years. I was so full as I came out of the room. I was thanking Him and praying for a great 2016, and then I saw this right off the balcony!!!! My prayer is that God puts a rainbow in your 2016. I hope this new year brings you the life you’ve always imagined, and I pray that it carries away any and everything that will try to keep you from it. God bless!!

Tyler Perry Thanks Fans Followers Facebook Post God Rainbow Ocean Palm Trees

Image: Facebook/ Tyler Perry

Article: Charisma News