Woman On “Kill List” Is Found Dead In UCLA Shooter’s Home

UCLA Shooting scene

Image: NBC News

Los Angeles police say that a woman that was on the UCLA shooter’s “kill list” has been found dead in Minnesota.

Police in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, found a woman who died of an apparent gunshot wound in Mainak Sarkar’s home.

UCLA Shooting scene

A body is removed from UCLA’s campus after a shooting that claimed the life of engineering professor Bill Klug (left). Photo: AP (right)

The officers came across the woman’s body while conducting a welfare check that was requested by the LAPD following Wednesday’s murder-suicide on the UCLA campus.

UCLA SHooter

Image: Mainak Sarkar

Mainak Sarkar was a former Ph.D student who opened fire on professor William Klug, 39, in a small office in UCLA Engineering Building. Sarkar accused the professor of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else, which was the cause for the murder.

Klug had been Sarkar’s target of anger on social media for months.

“William Klug, UCLA professor is not the kind of person when you think of a professor. He is a very sick person. I urge every new student coming to UCLA to stay away from this guy. He made me really sick. Your enemy is my enemy. But your friend can do a lot more harm. Be careful about whom you trust.” – Sarkar had written on social media.

According to the NYP,

A UCLA source told the Los Angeles Times that Sarkar’s accusations are “absolutely untrue.”

“The idea that somebody took his ideas is absolutely psychotic,” the source said.

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Article: CBS News
Video: CBS LA