Britain UK School Declares History Christian Nation

Officially Christian

While the Atheists, Satanists, Nones, and Liberal groups remain hard at work in an attempt to scrub the word “Christian” from all of American History; another country has taken steps to do exactly the opposite.

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The Secretary of State for Education in the UK, Nicky Morgan, made an announcement last week that non-faith schools in the UK are now required to explain when religion is taught, that the history of Britain’s religious traditions are indeed “Christian.”

The move comes after David Cameron, Prime Minister of the U.K. made a declaration in an effort to emphasize Britain’s “Christian Heritage.” According to CBN News, the new guidelines were in response to a British High Court ruling in November, which found that the government had unlawfully excluded atheism and non-religious views from the school’s curriculum. However, the new Department of Education guidelines stated that schools will not be forced to give atheist worldviews equal time with Christianity.

So while across the pond American’s continue to push for more and more separation between church and state, the U.K. seems to be setting the example that we can learn from about standing up for the truth.

Article: CBN News