What Looked Like A Baby Blowing A Bubble In Ultrasound Turned Out To Be Something Far Worse

Image: Diply

Image: YouTube Screenshot

Tammy Gonzalez went in for a routine ultrasound when her and her doctors noticed something odd about the newly taken ultrasounds. The ultrasound showed what appeared to be a baby blowing a bubble.

The doctors performed further testing and realized that it was a tumor known as “teratoma”, a rare type of tumor that appears in roughly 1 out of every 100, 000 births. Teratomas are composed of a mixture of tissues. The doctors quickly recommended that Tammy should terminate the pregnancy because of the high risk of a miscarriage.

Tammy decided to go through with the pregnancy and decided to go with the other option the doctors gave her, which was to have an operation known as “endoscopic surgery”. Two weeks later, Dr. Ruben Quintero performed the surgery for the first time. Tammy had to be awake for the whole procdure. They placed a camera into Tammy’s womb and successfully cut the tumor by laser. Both mother and daughter survived the surgery.

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Warning: The following video contains brief moments from the medical operation. If you are sensitive to such things, please do not watch.

Video: MiroVeo’s channel