Army Specialist Justin Rollins was killed by a roadside bomb Monday. He was 22. Prior to his death Justin had rescued a puppy in Iraq and taken a picture holding the little guy. Justin’s mom saw these photos and was so touched seeing her son’s warm smile while cradling one of the puppies that she sought help in finding Justin’s last companion — that four-legged pup named Hero.

Justin’s family was successful in bringing Hero back to the states. ABC wanted to do a story on Hero and on the day of the shoot witnessed something beautiful. One of their cameras captured a dramatic sunbeam shining down on Hero in Justin’s backyard.

“I truly, truly believe I’ll see him again, because he sent us a sign so many times that, that he’s OK things that are too astronomical to not believe,” said Justin’s mother.

The image has gone viral, many claiming it’s Justin trying to tell his parents that he’s okay. No one can deny it was a beautiful moment that brought comfort and hope to Justin’s family — and that’s really all that matters.