The Wreckage Of A Revolution

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The people of Virginia have all gathered to get their first glimpse at what is turning out to be an incredibly unusual discovery. The wreckage of a warship from the Revolutionary war has been revealed, unearthed at a construction site.

While excavating for the site of  a new hotel in Virginia, construction workers began to find an anomaly in the earth below. Local archaeologists in Alexandria are now scrambling to identify, and get the back story behind the 250-year-old sailing ship.

The area, once the site of the Potomac River before it was back-filled about two centuries ago to expand Alexandria’s waterfront. Researchers believe the ship laid to rest there sometime between 1775 and 1798. The find comes just months after construction workers discovered a 1755 foundation from a warehouse which is believed to be the city’s first public building, according to The Washington Post.

The area is becoming a huge draw for local residents as more info about surfaces about the find. As soon as the fences were opened up to let people get a peek at the old ship, the big crowds began  showing up. As one resident mentioned, “It makes you wonder what else might be lying directly under our feet.”

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Article: Fox News