Spiritual Battle Raging In Detroit!

The Satanic Temple unveiled a 9-foot-tall statue of Baphomet in Detroit just before midnight on Saturday.  The 1-tonne statue has been seen as the beginning of dark times in America.  Planned demonstrations forced the group to go into hiding and reveal the location at the last minute.

The statue depicts the image of Baphomet, the demonic god originally thought to have been worshiped by the Knights of Templar.  The statue is a bronze great-headed-man sitting on a throne with two children, a boy and a girl, looking up at it in adoration.


The original unveiling was supposed to happen at a local restaurant but was stopped when a group of pastors asked the owner of the restaurant to halt the unveiling.  The owner was unaware that The Satanic Temple was going to unveil the statue at his restaurant.  Once he realized it, the owner promptly refunded the money to the Temple and cancelled the show.

The Group then sold online tickets to the event with the location revealed to them at the last moments before.  When the attendees arrived, they were then disclosed another location to further thwart Christian protestors from picketing their event.

Ticket holders were also required to sell their should over to the devil in order to gain access.  Spokesperson Doug Mesner told VICE:

 “We were thinking that having them sell their souls over to Satan would keep away some of the more radical superstitious people who would try to undermine the event.”

The supporters proceeded to cheer, “Hail Satan” as the statue was unveiled by two men holding candles and proceeded to make out in front of the statue after the unveiling.  The Temple’s Co-founder Malcom Jerry and Doug Mesner.  Meaner proceeded to tear pages out of the Bible and throw them into the audience.

After the unveiling, the attendees were able to take pictures sitting on the statues lap and have their torn Bible pages signed by Mesner.

“Holy Lord,

we come to you with broken hearts, that people would so willingly run away from your love.  We ask that you give us the strength to remain vigilant during this war against Satan and remain level headed at the same time.  We ask you to bless us as we contemplate why someone would go to the lengths to desecrate your name and everything that you’d stand for.  We ask for clarity while we dwell on the next steps that Christians as a whole need to take next.