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14 Dead, 17 Wounded – Police Have Perimeter Set Up At New Scene

They have barricaded a black SUV that shot back. One suspect shot down. This is a different SUV from earlier. Another suspect is in the SUV still with assault weapon wrapped around him.  One officer shot but is not life threatening, reports KTLA.

One live suspect in custody. Possible suspect taken to hospital due to the fact that police escorted a man to a hospital.

Another possible suspect hiding in a beige house on Richardson and Gould in San Bernardino. SWAT teams are searching residential homes in the area.

FBI, ATF, Border Patrol, Sheriff Department, SWAT, Homeland Security have joined in with police to protect residents and search for the suspects.

*Update – Man’s body, with the assault weapon wrapped around him, pulled from SUV*

*Police are now surrounding another home after truck jumps curve to avoid police*

*Suspects may be held up in a Church in the residential area*

*Police are now in the city of Redlands with a search warrant directly related to the situation*

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Article: KTLA
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