U.S Capitol Suspect Shot & In Custody

Live Video Below

*Capitol Still On Lockdown – No Active Threat To The Public*

*Update – Lockdown Lifted*

All staff were advised to lock doors and shut windows. Members of congress were on recess at the time.
Ian, from The Washington Post reported to CNN that many tourists were either inside watching a tour guide movie or eating inside the cafeteria when the announcement broke out on the intercom. Bystanders tell CNN that police came into the building urging people to get out. Others, who were stuck either inside the auditorium or cafeteria were also escorted out by police within 30-45 minutes.

When asked how the police reacted one man states that “they handled it pretty well, it was pretty scary.”

It is reported that the male suspect was shot by Capitol Police and is on route to a hospital. One innocent woman bystander was wounded and is on way to a hospital.

Video: CNN Via Almutaz Bur News Network