Something Quite Strange Happens When This Man Pumps The Air Out Of Some Marshmallows!

Isn’t science a wonderful thing? For starters, why this ‘Russian Hacker’ came to put marshmallows in a vacuum, we’ll probably never know.

Watch as he creates a vacuum seal by pumping the air out of the container. While some people think that by doing this, the marshmallows will shrink, they almost double in size! He then opens the container, breaking the vacuum, to let the air back in.

When he lets the air back into the container, the marshmallows shrivel up and shrink significantly. That’s why it’s amazing! It works opposite to what many people would think. The marshmallows shrink in size but the weight of the marshmallows is still the same as when they were in their original size!

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Video: CrazyRussianHacker