Still Life

Admit it, you’ve always pictured yourself in a famous painting- well now, thanks to some creative hospitality on Airbnb now you can. For only $10, you can treat yourself to a night stay in a replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, “The Bedroom.”

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Stay Famous Painting Van Gogh Airbnb

Image: Van Gogh Painting/ Hotel Room

The Art Institute Chicago created the uncanny replica, of the Post-Impressionist themed style to bring almost every detail of the 1889 painting into a real world hotel room. Vincent Van Gogh created the artwork while living at an asylum in Saint-Remy. In his writing of the artwork, he said, “It’s simply my bedroom,” when describing the illustrated depiction of his house in the south of France.

According to the post on Airbnb, the listing is still available in River North Chicago, and promises to give you “the experience of a lifetime.”

Article: Buisness Insider