Vets Give These Animals A Chance At A Second Life!

A Bushfire broke out in the quiet town of Yarloop of Australia on January 6th. While some of the townsfolk were saved when they were evacuated and saved, some animals weren’t so lucky.


Image: Waroona Veterinary Clinic

Many wound up with severe burns to their bodies, including these adorable baby Kangaroos.

A group of veterinarians at Waroona Veterinary Clinic refused to let these poor animals die to their severe injuries. They opened their doors wide to the animals who were affected by the fire.

Kangaroos, cats, dogs, possums, birds and even an alpaca have been brought into the clinic for intense care.

“When they’re with us, we’re able to treat their wounds, keep them hydrated, comfortable and look after them as best we can,” Samantha Dunne, trainee veterinary nurse at Waroona Veterinary Clinic

Image: Waroona Veterinary Clinic

Image: Waroona Veterinary Clinic

Many of the animals are making promising recoveries with the help of the veterinarians. They are treated for smoke inhalation, their burned areas are cleaned and bandaged regularly and they are given a safe, comfortable space to heal.

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Article: Huffington Post
Video: RT