The Truth Behind The Ladybug Viral Photo

A photo has been circling around on social media that depicts a dog’s mouth infested with a disgusting infestation of Ladybugs. Is it real? Yes. Why does it exist? Let us explain…

To be completely honest, the photo is causing more concern than what it should really have.

The bugs are not your typical “ladybugs”, they are actually Asian lady beetles. And no, they are not parasites. There has only been one reported veteranarian case in which a dog became ill from these insects. In that the dog had ingested 16 of the lady beetles. As the defense mechanism, ladybugs will secrete mucus known as “acute corrosion”.

If your dog does come into contact, expect symptoms like excessive drooling and drowsiness. Again, the chances of Asian Lady Bettles infesting your dog’s mouth are slim to none.

This is going around on Facebook and causing a bit of panic, so here’s the real scoop: they’re invasive Asian ladybugs…

Posted by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) on Friday, November 20, 2015