Do you think that having a virtual baby would discourage or encourage a teen to get pregnant?


If you want to prevent your teen from becoming pregnant, aside from giving her Biblical principles and a Godly example—one way to warn her about the responsibilities of motherhood and adulthood, is to NOT entrust her with a virtual baby.

There are many variations of a program that essentially consists of teenagers becoming solely responsible for the weekend care of a “newborn simulator” that cries and must be fed, burped, rocked and changed, in order for it to stop its weeping. Basically, they have to tend to it, as they would a real baby, in order to get a grasp of the magnitude of the responsibility.

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Unfortunately, research in trying to dissuade them by giving them the lifelike dolls, backfired. In fact, they became pregnant at a higher rate, than their peers in a controlled group, at an astounding 17% compared to 11%.

The analysis tracked 3000 Australian girls, that enrolled between the ages of 13 and 15 were followed until the age of 20. Unfortunately, only half of them accepted the intervention, that sought to encourage the teens to continue on their path, without the duties of motherhood.

Article: ScienceMag