When new mother Dylan Downing, visited a popular Texas restaurant called Atami Steak and Sushi Bar to eat, she had her 2-month-old baby with her. Her baby, Mason, began getting a bit irritable and started to cry because he was getting hungry as well. Downing, explained to KHOU 11,“I needed to nurse, he needed to eat, and I just fed him.” But when customers started complaining, one waitress decided to take matters into her own hands- and what she did next shocked everyone.

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The waitress, (obviously unfamiliar with Texas law), took a cloth napkin and flung it over both the child and mother. Stunned at the audaciousness of the young waitress, Downing said, “I ripped it off and said why are you touching me and covering my child,” responding firmly.

Quickly realizing her mistake, the waitress, identified only as Rattana, told reporters, “Right away I thought, Oh my gosh, I should have asked her first.” Downing’s response was priceless, she asked, “How would you like to eat with a cover over your head?  It’s just a boob. That’s what they’re created for. It’s legal in Texas; I don’t understand what the big deal is. . . Look away. You can see [breasts] for free on the Internet. I’m just feeding my kid.”

Rattana apologized for doing it, which Downing accepted, saying she has no ill feelings toward the waitress but hopes that the awareness about breastfeeding might come from the incident and reduce some of the stigma surrounding it.

Article: Yahoo