“God Answers Prayers, Incredibly”

There are very few things more devastating in life than losing your home. After Kathy Besk lost her home to a fire, there seemed to be nothing that could calm her spirit more than to salvage just one thing. She prayed endlessly to find one of the last remaining items that represented her marriage.

While her insurance did cover most of the damage, there are things it cannot replace. Things like memories, favorite clothing, and things with emotional value were lost… all but one. One rescue worker found her wedding ring in the middle of all the ashes. She couldn’t have been grateful to the Lord!

Quick Spreading Wildfire Burns 100 Homes In Northern CaliforniaWe just found my wedding ring of 44 years — in all of this mess, God answers prayers, incredibly. Oh my gosh. It’s still just as pretty. It still shines.”– Besk tells ABC News.

Just as they were able to find her own ring, the firefighters happen to come across her mother’s rings. Because of this she was now able to promise her mother’s promise to pass the family heirloom down to her daughter.

ABC US News | World News