More Cuteness = Better Work

You may think that watching those adorable animal videos during work would make us less productive or cause us to procrastinate. But a new study conducted recently by Hiroshima University, has found that may not actually be the case. In fact, the results of the study seem to suggest quite the opposite.

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In their recent study “scientist examined the effects of animal cuteness (kawaii) on human behavior.” Forbes’ Alex Knapp reports, that the researchers “conducted three experiments to determine those effects, measuring both subjects’ cognition and their dexterity. In the first, they asked participants — 48 college students — to play a Japanese game similar to our “Operation.” In the second, they asked participants to perform a visual search using number matrices. In the third, they tested participants’ focus.”

It’s the results of the study may actually surprise you. The study found that “in all three experiments, people who looked at pictures of cute baby animals performed better than those who did not.” They even outperformed people that looked at pictures of adult animals. (Continued Below)


The reasoning for the results they believe is that things that make us happier also affect our behavior. Our behavior subsequently affects our performance, along with both our focus and our attention.

Knapp explains, that the results “build on previous work about the beneficial effects of cuteness. A 2009 study suggested that simply looking at something cute would make people behave more carefully than people who weren’t under the influence of cuteness. They attribute this effect to explain why we take extra care in the way we treat babies as well.

So next time you are at work, and your boss catches you watching those adorable animal videos, show them the results of this study. Here is one of cute baby animals trying to stand up for the first time. Adorable.

Article: The Atlantic
Video: Animalz TV