Have You Ever Wondered Why It’s Advised To Never Eat Anything A Fly Touches?

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Scientists are warning that flies are the most likely culprit to spread germs.

Flies eat some of the grossest things imaginable. Literally anything, have you ever seen flies hovering over poop? Well, you get the idea. Flies can’t chew, so in order to eat, they spit up enzymes onto their food in order to dissolve it. Then they just slurp it right up.

It’s actually the bacteria and viruses that get stuck to their body while they go around landing on things that spread diseases, not their enzyme spit. Flies can transfer serious, contagious diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid, so please avoid eating foods that have flies all over it!

Please note: The information in the video below just may gross you out!


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Video: Seeker Network