Who Do You Think Jesus Would Vote For — Trump Or Hillary?

Jesus voting for Trump or Hillary

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As the election of 2016 draws closer and closer each day, we are all given a reminder that the leader of our next country falls on the hands of two individuals.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have dominated the tabloids ever since they have announced that they will pursue the Presidential seat at the White House.

Surely, as faithful Christians, we all want the best for this nation and we all want for peace to finally settle into our world. This is why it is the people’s responsibility to vote for whoever they think can usher in a new era of peace for our beloved country.

Image: MediaITE

Image: MediaITE

But this article isn’t about who you should vote for. Finally! Some stress off of your shoulders right!? No, this is to show you what a true Christian should be striving for in these elections.

Jesus voting for Trump or Hillary

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Jesus is our whole lives because through Jesus, we will all draw closer to God. Have you ever stopped to think about this bizarre question:

Who would Jesus vote for?

Jesus voting for Trump or Hillary

Image: Christian Today

As crazy as the question may seem, we urge you to give it some deep consideration. Let us consider the facts before we cast our answer.

Jesus did NOT get involved in politics.

It was year 32 C.E. Jesus finds himself surrounded by a massive group of people, all hungry but awaiting spiritual food that Jesus was known to give. With just one prayer to his Father, Jesus performs a miracle and feeds the crowd of thousands.

How do they respond? They wanted to make him king! But Jesus knew he wasn’t placed on Earth to become king, his purpose was much greater. He quickly refused to become a monarch in this world. And he urged his followers to do the same as well.

“Jesus, knowing they were about to come and seize him to make him king, withdrew again into the mountain all alone,” – John 6:15.

Why did Jesus avoid politics?

The Bible sums up the history of human rule in a simple sentence.

“Man has dominated man to his injury.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

Jesus voting for Trump or Hillary

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Jesus knew that men lack the ability to carefully provide for the needs of everyone in the world. He knew that the solution to mankind’s problems lay in God’s hands and not in human governments. This is why Jesus said to one politician: “My kingdom is no part of this world.” – John 18:36

Jesus gave his full respect to government authority.

There was a time in Jesus’ life when opposers tried to put him in an impossible situation. They asked him whether the people should pay taxes or not.

If Jesus would have said no, his answer might have fueled a spirit of revolt among the people who were already being heavily oppressed by the Roman government.

If Jesus would have said yes, many would have been disillusioned thinking that Jesus was just another government-fearing puppet.

But Jesus didn’t say a yes or a no. He gave a masterpiece of balance as he said: “Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.” (Luke 20:21-25)

Jesus knew governments maintain a measure of order for the people. Jesus respected the machinery of government, but by no means did he ever intend to be the one to operate it. Only 1 being will ever hold that right, and that is God’s right.