Whole Foods’ Anti-Gay Lawsuit Is Dropped After Heartfelt Apology

Pastor Jordan brown Cake

Image: Heavy.com

Earlier this year we brought you a story about a gay church pastor that tried to scam whole foods with a lawsuit. It did turn out to be just a lie that he told in order to gain a settlement and press. The church pastor Jordan Brown claimed that whole foods put a belittling word in his cake that was aimed to hurt the gay community.

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Now that pastor Brown has apologized to the grocery chain and dropped his legal action, Whole Foods has also dropped its countersuit. We just wanted to say that we commend Whole Foods for being very Christian-like with their reaction. They would rather show kindness and forget this whole mess ever happened!

Brown apologized to “Whole Foods and its team members for questioning the company’s commitment to its values.”

After his apology was heard by the company, Whole Foods also issued a statement:

“We’re very pleased that the truth has come to light.

Given Mr. Brown’s apology and public admission that his story was a complete fabrication, we see no reason to move forward with our counter suit to defend the integrity of our brand and team members.”

Article: KTLA