The Reason For The ‘Fro

Bob Ross

Image: TodayIFoundOut

Bob Ross, like a handful of other TV personalities, always did his best to keep from being exposed too much by the media. We know him especially for his cotton-like hair and gentle persona. However, do you know the reason behind the ‘fro?

Back in the early ‘80s, Ross was just starting on his artistic career as a painter and tutor after having served in the U.S Airforce for 20 years. His long-time mentor, Bill Alexander, was preparing to retire and wanted Ross to take over his classes. During this time, Ross was going through a lot of financial struggles in his life so there was a lot of penny-pinching to be done. But one of the ways Ross was able to make things work financially, was with his haircuts.

He got his locks permed so that there wouldn’t be a need to cut his hair very often.

“When we got a line of paints and brushes, we put his picture on. The logo is a picture of Bob with that hair, so he could never get it cut. He wasn’t always happy about that.”– Bob Ross Company co-founder Annette Kowalski

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Ross knew that by keeping the ‘fro, it would be good for business. After all, it’s just hair right? He would go on to maintain his bushy hairdo for the rest of his life, and today, who could picture him without it!

This is Ross before the ‘fro:

Bob Ross before the fro

Image: Uproxx/Imgur

Article: Mental Floss