Now You See Her Now You Don’t

The internet is going crazy, over a recent LIVE interview that appeared on the popular ESPN show Sportscenter. In the clip, you can see a woman standing in the background, and the next thing you know she disappears right before our very eyes.

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The full interview can be seen here. As you can see from the broadcast, the footage isn’t  manipulated in any way, so what actually happened?

Well if you look closely in this last shot, you will notice something unusual.

Woman Disappears Sportscenter Show LIVE Live Television Broadcast

Image: Mashable

The disappearing woman’s pants were actually captured in this last shot if you analyze the image closely. So what seems to be a woman who was raptured during the broadcast, was actually a moment that she walked out of the scene at the same time as the woman pushing the stroller.

Article: Mashable